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Proton-M for sale

Manufacturer Khrunichev
Year 2013
Price $ 80 000 000
Proton-M layout Proton-M for sale  (Foto 1)
Proton-M for sale  (Foto 2) Proton-M for sale  (Foto 3)
Proton-M for sale  (Foto 4) Proton-M for sale  (Foto 5)
Proton-M for sale  (Foto 6) Proton-M for sale  (Foto 7)
Proton-M for sale
DesignKB «Salut»
Length58,2 m
Mass702 t
Payload to
orbit (Нкр=200 km)
GPO (commerce)
GSO (federal)
22 t
6.6 t
up to 4.0 t
Accuracy removing the reference orbitDНп = ± 2 km
DНа = ± 4 km
Di = ± 1.8 deg.min
DТ = ± 3 с
First stage
Length21,18 m
Diameter7,4 m
Mass458,9 t
Engines6 RD-275
Thrust10.47 MN (1.9 million pounds)
Second stage
Length17,05 m
Diameter4,1 m
Mass168,3 t
Engines3 RD-0210 & 1 RD-0211
Thrust2.399 MN (539,000 lbf)
Third stage
Mass3,5 t
Mass46,562 t
Engines1 RD-0212
Thrust630 kN (140,000 lbf)

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 Proton-M descriptions

All options included. A lot of extra equipment. Regular maintenance only by certified professionals. Inspected by our staff in March 2014. Survey on request.

Proton (Russian: Протон) (formal designation: UR-500) is an expendable launch system used for both commercial and Russian government space launches. The first Proton rocket was launched in 1965 and the launch system is still in use as of 2014, which makes it one of the most successful heavy boosters in the history of spaceflight. All Protons are built at the Khrunichev plant in Moscow, and then transported for launch to the Baikonur Cosmodrome, where they are brought to the launch pad horizontally and then raised into vertical position for launch.

Like many Soviet boosters, the names of recurring payloads became associated with their launchers. Thus the moniker "Proton" originates from a series of large scientific Proton satellites, which were among the rocket's first payloads. During the Cold War, it was designated the D-1/D-1e or SL-12/SL-13 by Western intelligence agencies.

Launch capacity to low Earth orbit is about 20.7 tonnes (46,000 lb). Geostationary transfer capacity is about 6 tonnes (13,000 lb). Commercial launches are marketed by International Launch Services (ILS). In a typical launch of a commercial communications satellite destined for geostationary orbit, a Proton M/Briz-M can place a spacecraft with mass at separation of 6,150 kilograms (13,560 lb) into an orbit with an apogee of 35,786 kilometres (22,236 mi), a perigee of 6,257 kilometres (3,888 mi) and an inclination of 19.7°. The rocket is intended to be retired before 2030.

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